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Hello Michael,

Here are some of my thoughts on Snowtrackers.

Over the years and regardless of any sled I've had, there was never a good compromise between satisfactory steering effort/turning ability/darting.
No matter the ski and carbide, it was impossible to get a good balance of the three.

Single and dual Shaper bars, Bergstrom, aftermarket skis, etc., all did one or two aspects well, but still lacked total performance. 

I bit the bullet, put my recently purchased skis and carbides on the shelf and bought a pair of Aggressive Snowtrackers for my 2013 TurboRR.

I've literally been blown away by the difference in ride enjoyment. 

Gone is the oppressive steering effort, and there's no darting even with the toe set to 0". It's quite amazing.

The two differences that stood out to me most were the "steering wheel-like", very linear feel of the handlebars, and the much added flotation to the stock Arctic Cat skis that used to sink quickly under the nose weight of the Turbo.

With the Snowtrackers, there was no sudden breakaway from handlebars centered, to instant turning motion after input like the other carbides I've tried. The steering effort used to be so heavy that they wouldn't turn, then when you applied enough muscle, they turned all at once. Very unpredictable. 

The Snowtrackers aren't like that, they give exactly as much turn in your direction as you put into the bars, with no sudden "all or nothing" feel. It was a large adjustment in riding because they give you complete control and allow you to further enjoy your ride.

The turning performance is also second to none. My sled has a 128"x1.75" lug track, and even with the limiter strap let out a hole or two, this baby still turns.

I'm just very impressed by Snowtrackers, and was a bit hesitant telling my riding buddies about them because they truly give a handling advantage to my sled.

I'm looking forward to the 2016/17 riding season!

D. Rehm

Coloma, WI
*********************************************Hi Mike,

I absolutely love my snowtrackers.  All I will run.  I know several other guys that will only run them too.  I also know some people that are scared to death of them.  I don’t get it. I have over 4000 miles on mine on two different sleds and have had no issues.
I am getting a new set for my AXYS this fall as I have worn them out to the point where they need to be replaced.  I had them on my Apex and as I mentioned above put them on my 2015 AXYS SB.  Really settles down the front end.  I had tried some stud boy shapers and the front end still hunted too much for me.  The Trackers eliminated 95+ percent of the darting on my sleds.  Great product, I’m sold.
The Ambassador gig sounds interesting.  What are the details?

Charlie Jackson
Hesperia, MI
I've been snowmobiling since 1975 and through those years and many sleds, I've tried most methods to improve the handling capabilities. So fast forwarding to 2011, I was again perplexed over my new Yamaha Apex SE not handling as I would like, and was having a rather heated conversation with a Yamaha representatives  He suggested a steering systems called the SnowTracker. 

I put an order in and within a few days they arrived.  I have to admit, once I got a first hand view of the system, I was apprehensive, could this do all they claimed? Well, what the heck, on they went and how the world changed, darting gone, pushing in the corners gone, this sled had power steering so steering effort wasn't an issue. 10,000 miles later, and the SnowTracker's durability was unbelievable.  At 6,000 miles I updated from the Semi-Agressive to the Aggressive configuration, which was just an improvement of what was already a great system.
In 2016/2017 I moved to a Yamaha Sidewinder and tried to work with the stock Tuner skis and that was a short experiment, got a set of SnowTrackers on it, and the smiles and miles keep coming.  Totally different chassis, but the same issues existed, and this sled didn't have power steering, but again the SnowTrackers took care of that. Thanks SnowTrackers, job well done!

B. Holt

Rogers, Minnesota

My name is Fred Lamy and I live in Warrensburg, NY.  I have been riding snowmobiles since 1969 all over the northeast and Quebec on many different sleds.  For the past 20 years or so I been riding Ski Doo grand tourings mainly in upstate NY and Quebec averaging 3000 + miles per year.  About 10 years ago I was introduced to Snow Trackers in Quebec.  They have totally eliminated darting on every sled I have put them on.  Most of the group I ride with are running SnowTrackers with the same results.  Not only has the handling improved with a feeling of total control, I have gotten as many as 7000 miles on a set, with them still performing when I traded.  They have totally corrected the darting on the Ski Doo TS ski. Great product!

F. Lamy
Warrensburg, NY
*********************************************So after my husband got a set of these SnowTrackers and tried them, he moved the skis over to my sled and we went for a ride.  (I had complained of significant darting).  What a difference those SnowTrackers made!!  I could steer on anything, my skis did not dart anymore.  I now have my own set  and recommend them to everyone.  In the long run it is worth having them as you seldom have to replace as you would with regular carbides.

Michelle R.
Charleston, ME
*********************************************This is my 4th set in 3 years I believe.  I've run these on Ski Doo 1200's, 800, and 600.  Sled must be set up per instructions with zero toe.  Also the suspension set up/fine tuning really brings out the best.  Past carbide/wear bar set ups seemed to compromise the suspension functions to compensate for the shortcomings of the carbide/wear bar ie a ton of ski pressure, sucking up limiter strap thus reducing suspension travel, etc. 

Love how they handle.  I feel SnowTrackers precise and easy handling characteristics span a much wider variety of snow conditions than other carbide/wear bar set ups.  Are they perfect in all conditions?  Nope.  But again they do handle excellent over the widest variety of trail conditions that a rider could experience in a given day or geography.

Todd Degner
Appleton, WI
I bought some SnowTrackers brand new from someone and they told me they fit the wrong model.  They wouldn’t do anything about it but I contacted SnowTrackerUSA directly to seek some help and advice.  They without question swapped the pair I had purchased with the correct model.  They are an awesome stand up company!  It’s hard to find companies like this anymore.  Can’t express enough how great of a product they have and how awesome the customer service is!  I will buy from them again in a heartbeat. Thanks SnowTrackerUSA.  You guys Rock!!!!  

Mike Stienstra
Byron Center, MI
I run the Snowtracker aggressive carbides on my 2012 Ski-Doo 1200 Renegade

X.  I am very impressed with difference between them and the stock carbides
or even the shaper bars that I run in the past.  They track straight and
eliminate most of the "push" that is inherent in the 1200's. 
One of my riding partners was so impressed, he had me order a set for him
last year.
Although I still have the 2012 sled, I now also have a 2016 Ski-Doo 1200
MXZX with the TS skis.  I have read somewhere that you will be making a
version of the snowtracker to work with the TS.  I look forward to learning
more about them.

Keith Strucel

Livonia, MI
*********************************************Excellent info,thanks a bunch.  I've had them for 3 years and love them for everything except late spring, soft/low snow conditions.  Catch a lot of rocks in them then.  I run them on a renegade 1200 4 stroke and they really fixed the heavy steering feel it had with stock carbides.  I think I ordered them from one of your dealers. Any local places to get them? I'm in Windham, ME but ride all over the state.

D. White
Windham, ME
I use them on a pilot 5.7 ski on my 05 rev x 600 with a FAST m20 airwave rear and FAST assault front air shocks. We rode 2200 mi last winter in Michigan's UP. The conditions were almost perfect the entire winter not much road ridding at all. They are in excellent condition. They look brand new zero wear. Maybe a 1/4" of carbide chipped out 2/3 of the way back on one.  I love these things. I bought up a bunch of the old everlaster carbides in the round bars made years ago by a guy in Minnesota. When I used them up I was thinking of making my own. No need to now. You really need to advertise more and get some good tech article's in snow tech. Most people are still into the v carbides one ride and the edge is gone. Then they're just a durable wear bar with no edge for the icy corners and lakes.



Rolled up 250 miles over the weekend and as my earlier note to you indicated we had mountain condition riding without the mountains, my Apex obviously isn’t a deep snow machine, we all know she is a trail sled, but she did well and corner very well in the deep snow that the trails had and once on hard pack trails, she railed the corners, much better than the Semi’s. 

The stabilizers caught every ones eye when we parked, as they look different and cause the ski tips to be elevated, as compared to the Semi’s.

I’m happy and have forwarded the Semi’s via the US Mail today to you.

Thanks Mike for your help and efforts, let’s stay in touch.

B. Holt

Rogers, MN

The Snowtrackers work great for us. The large snowmobiles track much better while pulling trail grooming equipment for our annual Nordic ski race. Quality product!

Stuart Brown

Buckwheat Ski Classic

Log Cabin Ski Society

Skagway, Akaska
*********************************************My group and I have been using snow trackers on Yamaha Apex’s since 2012 and a Ski Doo MXZ since 2015.  If you are looking to totally eliminate darting look no further.  I’ve spent thousands on almost every ski/carbide combo out there.

Over the years I’ve noticed these benefits:

By design, do not catch on things like rail road tracks.

Makes steering easier.  I know it looks counter intuitive by the depth of these things, but it’s a FACT!

Last 4K+ miles in good snow conditions and 2K miles in fair snow conditions.

Narrow carbide allows turning on icy corners even after you have 1,000 miles on them.

Protects your skis from wearing out.

We ride the Fox River in WI/IL.

These things turn where you point them.  I recommend starting with the semi-aggressive and moving to the aggressive if you feel you need them.

Troy from Wisconsin.