Hunting/Darting - Eliminated
Heavy Steering - Eliminated
Pushing In Corners - Eliminated
Dull Carbides - Eliminated

If you are not happy with our product for the first year, for any reason, you may return them to us or the dealer you purchased them from for a full refund.  Proof of original purchase from SnowTrackerUSA must be provided before the item is refunded.  SnowTrackerUSA is not responsible for any return shipping.

DISCLAIMER: Please note, there is ski alignment and optimum suspension settings that needs to be adjusted properly for any sled to handle to its full potential.  This is no different after installing SnowTrackers.  Tuning and testing to find that sweet spot for best performance results is essential after installing any new component on a sled.  If you still are not satisfied, you must have communicated with us directly or the dealer you purchased from and tune and test our suggestions before returning the SnowTrackers for a refund.

All sleds have a recommended manufacturers suspension setup based upon an "average weight rider" and what comes installed by the factory.  So if your sled came with 4" carbides, the amount of ski pressure and weight transfer is set accordingly.  If you are heavier or lighter than the "average weight rider" and/or if you changed some components, you or your dealer may have tweaked some settings to accommodate.

Because SnowTrackers provide an added increase in handling performance, you must follow our recommended tuning procedures before a warranty claim.
When done properly you will notice the following, and we guarantee it:
1) Hunting/Darting - Eliminated
2) Your steering will be lightened tremendously.  We guarantee it.
3) Carving will be enhanced to Formula 1 handling and will not diminish over time because the carbides stay sharp through their entire life.  We guarantee it.
4) The carbides will stay sharp through the entire lifespan and the lifespan will be greater than any other product on the market.  We guarantee it.

Disclaimer:  While it is hard to prove or disprove the reasons of the longevity of carbides, we have received an exorbitant amount of consumer feedback saying SnowTrackers last longer than anything else they have run.  Well over 1000 miles, often 3000 miles, and even as many as 7000 miles has been reported often.  So, we are saying, all things being equal, SnowTrackers will last longer than any other carbides on the market.  Please understand, these are a wear item, and if it is a low snow year or you ride more dirt or paved sections than previous years, or if you don't remove the recommended ski pressure, you will likely not receive the benefit of the carbide lasting longer.  We will guarantee, in the first season, that our product will outlast the competition, with all things being equal.